DAU Transcript Management System


Effective 5/18/2022 – DAU Official Transcripts will be processed once a week (typically Wednesday of each week) for the foreseeable future.

Effective 6 Nov 2017, DAU launched its modernized Transcript Management System (TMS). As a result of this modernization, DAU thoroughly reviewed the course unit values assigned to all its courses and made adjustments where necessary. If you have an older DAU transcript you may see differences between the course unit values reflected on it and any newly issued transcripts starting 6 Nov 2017. Transcripts issued on 6 Nov 2017 and forward should reflect the accurate course unit values for DAU completed courses.

NOTE: It can take up to 5 working days for students to be graduated in the system after a class.

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Transcripts for successfully completed courses (classroom and Web) taken at Defense Acquisition University (DAU) can be obtained for those courses taken since the inception of DAU in FY 93 and which were processed through ATRRS. If you took a course before the establishment of DAU in FY 93, we may not be able to provide a transcript. DAU can only guarantee transcripts for courses taken since the University was established.

For questions regarding DAU transcripts please contact scheduling@dau.edu.

Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) transcripts are not processed or provided by DAU. FAI students should generate their unofficial transcript from FAI CSOD. All official transcript requests, including transcripts provided by FAI directly to institutions of higher learning, or questions should be submitted to the DAU Help Desk via the Public Service Portal: https://services.dau.edu/psp?id=public_portal.

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The information presented on the web site cannot be reused, copied, duplicated or distributed for non-ATRRS purposes without written permission from Military Personnel Management (DAPE-MPT), HQDA Army G-I, U.S. Army. The page was generated on 4 December 22 from data provided by Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS).

Contact DAU Scheduling and Student Support with transcript questions: scheduling@dau.edu or 703-805-3459 / 655-3459 or toll free 1-866-568-6924